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PAINCAKES® Mini Cold Packs - Two Count

  • Small cold packs (2.88" diameter) target joints, your face, or smaller body parts.
  • Hands-free pain relief with Stick & Stay Technology.
  • Flexible design for targeted pain relief on any body part.
  • Re-stickable up to 100 times for continuous chronic pain management.
  • Cold compress reduces pain and swelling and promotes healing.


Got a bruise or a sore spot? Put a PAINCAKES® on it. This mini cold pack measures 2 inches by 2 inches and has an adhesive back, which allows you to place it anywhere on your body without having to tape or wrap it.

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PainCakes - The Cold Pack that Sticks - Versatile Cold Pack that Can be Used Almost Anywhere on the Body

Looking for an easy way to target smaller areas in pain? Trust the only reusable cold packs that stick and stay in place.

PAINCAKES® small cold packs are a convenient and effective way to manage pain in smaller body parts like eyes, fingers, sinuses, and more. Measuring 2.875" in diameter, these small cold packs are designed to target specific areas in pain. Our patented Stick & Stay Technology allows you to use each reusable cold pack up to 100 times, making them an economical option for chronic pain. Athlete-tested and approved, these cold packs are strap-free to promote better blood flow. Plus, the gel inside remains flexible when frozen for a closer and more effective treatment. Each pack contains two cold packs.

"They stick to your skin to give muscles cooling relief"
Muscle & Fitness Magazine
The Best Hot & Cold Packs to Eliminate Pain

"PAINCAKES® self-sticking cold pack provides targeted relief from strains, sprains and swelling—without the need to hold it or strap it in place. Additionally, they're inexpensive, reusable up to a 100 times and very easy to use."
The Best Workout Recovery Gear

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brandon Landgraf
Great for joints and headaches!

I find standard cold packs to be hard to use on joints because of their size. These minis make it way easier. They also remove the discomfort from bending over to ice an ankle injury. They're great for headaches too. Way, way more comfortable than standard cold packs!

Jeanette Cruz
Perfect for Pain on the go!

I have a pair of mini paincakes in my freezer and they are my go-to for quick bumps and bruises. I really reccomended these, especially if you have kids. They are small enough for elbow and knee injuries. Really recommend!!

Frequently Asked Questions

PAINCAKES® stick! Traditional gel freezer packs limit mobility by requiring you to use hands, straps, velcro, or other ways to keep them in place. This tends to cause discomfort as you freeze your hands or the straps cut off the limb's circulation.

Our cold gel packs resolve this problem by giving you freedom of movement - 100% hands-free and without any straps. You can move freely while the cold pack relieves pain without interfering with blood circulation.

Yes, compression cols packs can be used safely and are often the first measure used to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Using our reusable cold packs is simple!

  • Toss your PAINCAKES® in the freezer for 60-minutes
  • Remove the cover and apply to clean, dry skin
  • Wear it for up to 15-20 minutes, or however long it's comfortable
  • Replace the pack from your skin, replace its cover, and place it back in the freezer

Our flexible cold packs keep their flexibility when frozen for a closer treatment. This allows them to be used on arms, legs, hands, feet, back, chest, neck, and even face (use with caution).They conform to the target area for deeper penetration to treat the condition.

PAINCAKES® are designed to keep a therapeutic temperature for 15 to 20 minutes.

Yes, our cold packs are reusable and have been designed to be applied 100 times.It's essential to use on clean, dry skin and replace the back cover when finished.

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