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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! PAINCAKES® has a utility patent with additional patents pending. Yes. We are highly vigilant when it comes to protecting our Intellectual Property! (Patents and Trademarks)

Safety Related

Yes. Cold therapy can be safely used and is often the first measure of relief applied for many sports injuries helping to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Alternating with heat after the acute stage has passed is also beneficial.

PAINCAKES® are tough. Unless tremendous pressure is applied, you’ll unlikely break a pack, but sharp objects can puncture the surface. PAINCAKES® gel is non-toxic. If a leak should occur and you get gel on your hands, wash your hands with soap and water.

Yes, our cold packs are latex-free.

We don't recommend using our cold packs on your face. Always consult a doctor before doing so.

We do not recommend you use PAINCAKES® during a workout. The chill effect can “numb” an area, making it susceptible to further injury. While we show athletes wearing cold packs during exercise, this is only to showcase our cold pack's ability to stay in place while moving.

Our gel is registered with the FDA. It is non-toxic. This product is for external use only.

No, our cold packs do not use bandaging or kinesiology tape. However, we always recommend removing (peeling) PAINCAKES® slowly and evenly. Do not pull abruptly, as the skin can be numbed from exposure.

No PAINCAKES® will not leave any residue after removal as we do not use tape or tape-like materials. Occasionally, you might find small bits of our unique sticky gel, which you can gently remove by rubbing your skin.

Timing Your Use

PAINCAKES® are reusable. If you store correctly, always reapply the cover after use and apply it to clean skin; PAINCAKES® can stick repeatedly. We still have units that have been applied 100 times.

Yes, and we recommend you remove it if and when you feel any cold-discomfort.

One hour for your first application. Add chill time as you gain a threshold for cold therapy. Remove and reapply (if too cold) after allowing the pack to sit at room temperature. If chilled for more than 4 hours, please let the pack sit at room temperature before application. Always check pack temperature before applying.

15-20 minutes

Using PainCakes

PAINCAKES® are built to stick! We see athletes using PAINCAKES® over a hundred times!

What’s the best way to keep them sticky?

  1. Always apply to clean, dry skin: no lotion or gels. Use warm water or a drop of alcohol to clean your skin before application.
  2. Always reapply the back cover before refreezing.
  3. Always place PAINCAKES® back in their protective pouch before refreezing.

No. PAINCAKES® was designed and built for athletes, but anyone can use them.

Always remove PAINCAKES® from the edge and peel them back. Be gentle and slowly remove. Remember, your skin is chilled, so being cautious about removal is essential.

PAINCAKES® are made in China.

PAINCAKES® are built to maintain a therapeutic temperature for 15 to 20 minutes.

Yes! You can stick as many PAINCAKES® as you want. However, always be aware of the pack's temperature before application.

It STICKS! Traditional cold therapy packs require the use of hands, straps, velcro, tape or some other draconian method of keeping an pack in the exact spot you need it. Generally, this means your hands are ALSO frozen along with the area of interest. Straps can cut off circulation and require a limb to wrap around. PAINCAKES® is target relief. You can apply one or many and still have full freedom of movement — 100% hands free.

No – our pack is designed to work as a cold pack. Please do not microwave PAINCAKES®!

Yes! PAINCAKES® were designed to be reused over and over again. ALWAYS reapply the back cover before re-chilling. Remember to apply to clean, dry skin. This will keep your sticky gel ready for the next use. If your gel becomes “less” sticky, run the pack under warm water for several seconds (without the back cover) and rub the gel gently. Allow to dry; replace the cover and place it back in the freezer.

Always apply the back cover. Keep PAINCAKES® in their original ziplock pouch and store them in a freezer or a cool spot away from sunlight. We do not recommend you store it in the refrigerator.