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Where the recovery-revolution started: Our original full-size PAINCAKES!
The world’s first cold pack with proprietary Stick & Stay Technology™

PAINCAKES provides targeted cold therapy to surround aches, pains
& post-workout stiffness with waves of cooling relief.

Simply chill, peel & stick — anywhere! PAINCAKES sticks & stays!
No straps. No tape. Hands-free!

Once you try PAINCAKES, you’ll never use a bag of peas again!


• Original Size: 5″ in diameter
• Latex-Free
• Reusable
• Re-Stickable up to 100x
• Athlete developed & tested
• Wrap & conform
• Strap & hand-free
• Made in the USA

The July issue of ELLE Magazine calls PAINCAKES, “Ice Pack 2.0.”

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