PAINCAKES was developed by and for athletes, however, anyone can use them! When used as directed, they’re safe, easy-to-use and ultra-convenient.

Ice packs, cold therapy packs — call them what you may — but they’re critical in the first 72 hours of any injury. Cold therapy pushes lactic acid and blood out of an injured area to aid in recovery. Heat is not your friend in the initial stages of an injury.

Your First Application!

Refrigerate PAINCAKES for :30 to :60  minutes. Apply for one minute & remove! That’s right, just sixty minutes is enough to recharge PAINCAKES to  a comfortable beginners level.

As you become accustomed to our proprietary process, you can move PAINCAKES to the freezer and very gradually increase your chill and application times. As you get acclimated to cold therapy, Go! Slow! 

When you receive your PAINCAKES, you’ll notice that our packaging has some very clear and specific directions regarding safe-use! As with any form of cold therapy, FOLLOW. THE. DIRECTIONS.

If you have not read our safe use information, start here:  How To Use,

Here’s our FAQ‘s  page!

You’ll also find this “safe-use” label on your PAINCAKES packaging. Here’s what that looks like!



Your first PAINCAKES experience!

  1. Place the entire package into the fridge. Our package was specially designed for this!
  2. Chill for :30 minutes to :60 minutes in the fridge
  3. Apply for :60 seconds and remove!
  4. Put the cover back on! This is VERY important. The cover is an integral component. It keeps the sticky-gel, sticky, and it also keeps the gel from being exposed to freezing temperatures, odors and cross-contaminants; you know, those day-old left-over’s you have sitting in your fridge or freezer
  5. Put your PAINCAKES back in its original package, and toss the whole thing back in the fridge or freezer!

You’re ready for your next cold therapy session!

Familiarize yourself with wearing and removing PAINCAKES.

If at anytime the pack feels too cold or is out of your “cold” comfort zone, remove it! Let it sit. Check temperature and reapply when it’s reached a comfortable temperature.

Important Tips: 

  1. Do not apply to areas of thin or irritated skin!
  2. Definitely do not apply to broken or punctured skin
  3. Apply PAINCAKES to pre-cleaned, dry skin
  4. Start slow. Work up to a longer chill/application time
  5. Keep your PAINCAKES clean. Example: Do not apply if you’ve dropped the sticky-side down on the floor

If you’ve dropped PAINCAKES gel-side down:

  1. Gently finger wash the sticky-side under luke warm warm for 3-4 seconds. Allow to dry
  2. Do Not wash PAINCAKES MiNi’s – only wash the full size units!

Removing PAINCAKES properly:

PAINCAKES is wearable technology. We use a medical grade sodium-nano gel. It does not leave residue. During and following a cold therapy session, your skin can become desensitized or “numb.” Remove PAINCAKES slowly & gently. Never abruptly pull or peel off.  Slow! Easy! Gentle!

Peel off PAINCAKES like you’d peel a banana. It does not matter which direction you peel from. If PAINCAKES is firmly planted, simply add a few drop of luke warm water to the gel area and slowly remove. Let the sticky-gel dry and replace the cover.



PAINCAKES are intended for the more experienced cold therapy user. New to cold therapy? A weekend warrior? No problem. You’ll get there! Just go slow & easy.

Notes from the Inventor: 

  1. PAINCAKES is Latex & Silicone free. They do contain adhesive. If you have a negative skin reaction to or are allergic to bandaids, kinesiology or any other kinds of adhesive tapes, we do not recommend using PAINCAKES.
  2. Be smart when icing any part of your body. Pay attention! Check the pack temperature before applying. If it’s too cold, let PAINCAKES rest for few minutes and test again. Apply only when pack temperature is right for you. Always remove the pack immediately if it’s too cold or uncomfortable.
  3.  If you have circulatory, vascular, immune or other medical issues, always consult with your doctor before applying cold therapy
  4. The maximum application time is :10 minutes. Leaving any cold pack on longer than this invites trouble. As an athlete, my personal PAINCAKES application time is 1-3 minutes at full charge. With a smaller charge (:30 minutes in the fridge), :10 minutes is my maximum. There’s no added benefit for an application longer than :10 minutes
  5. Your skin can become desensitized during and following cold therapy. Do not abruptly remove your PAINCAKES. Remove slowly by gently peeling away from you.
  6. PAINCAKES is not a hot pack. Do not microwave or heat.
  7. They are not intended for use on your face!
  8. Don’t share your PAINCAKES. Write your name on yours!
  9. It’s normal to have Erythema — a reddening of the skin — following cold therapy.
  10. No one wants an ice burn. Even an ice cube can injure you. Pay attention when using cold therapy!

Let’s do a quick recap, folks!

  • Start slowly! Chill for :30 minutes. Apply for 60 seconds and remove
  • Work up to longer chill and application times
  • Always remove PAINCAKES slowly and gently!
  • Always replace the cover before re-chilling
  • Always remove slowly and gently
  • Be smart. Be aware. Be safe!

Read our Safe-Use Guide Now!

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