PAINCAKES: Built for Athletes

PAINCAKES™ was developed by and for athletes! You’ll find professional golfers, current and former pro-baseball players, NFL athletes, crossfitters, ballerinas, x-game skateboarders, pro bass fishermen and more are using P-Cakes!

Yes, anyone can use PAINCAKES! However – they’re not for everyone! Sound confusing? Read on!

The average human uses cold therapy ( an ice pack ) 6-8 times a year. Maybe you picked up a heavy box, slept “funny” or reached too far into your closet and cranked your neck or tweaked your shoulder. Now you’re in pain! Cold therapy should be your first response! Read more about cold therapy, here!

But, should PAINCAKES be the product you purchase, what you reach for? Well, yes, and no.



Admittedly, PAINCAKES are the single most practical and convenient cold pack on the market today. Chill & Stick! You can move about, unencumbered and — hands free! Plus, you can reuse them, over and over. Good stuff!



So, yes, PAINCAKES is a fabulous choice for all of the aforementioned convenience. You can use our original size or our Mini’s. Here’s the catch: You wear PAINCAKES! They attach directly to you and sit 50mils (the equivalent of 5.6 sheets of paper towel) above your skin. They’re a bit more hardcore than your average cold pack. I reiterate, they were built for athletes!

As with any type of cold therapy, you want to pay attention to how long you chill your pack and how long you apply it. With PAINCAKES, you need to work-up the chill time until you’re acclimated to our proprietary form of therapy. Yes, there’s a 5 minute learning curve!

If you fall into the 6-8 times per year category, don’t have the patience to read our safe-use guide, or simply want a lower-tech cold pack — we suggest: frozen peas!

But, if you want to use the highest-tech, most convenient and practical cold pack on the planet, well, PAINCAKES is it! We’d like nothing more than to have all of the 6-8x a year cold pack users try PAINCAKES — after they’ve read out safe-use guide, our FAQs, watched our stick-it and safety videos!



Once you try PAINCAKES, guaranteed, you’ll never-ever go back to that bag of peas again!

Now, get out there and use your body! And when it comes time to ice, you’ll need to decide whether you’re a bag of peas person or more of a high-tech warrior with an interest in taking it to the next level.

Be safe! Be smart! Enjoy the summer!





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